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"The band is a beast - a very hungry, energetic beast that feeds off of your energy."

Huffington Post


"One of the 7 acts from SXSW you need to know right now."

Vibe Magazine


"You'll hear similarities to Heart as well as Alanis Morrisette." 



"Sometimes we forget music is supposed to be fun. Then a band like j and the 9s comes along and reminds us."

Good Deed Seats


"If you like The Kills or Royal Blood, you will love j and the 9s. They're a unique band with genuine souls." 

For The Punks


“I consider them one of the best live bands.”

Pancakes and Whiskey


“Don't live your life without seeing this band play at least once. :)”

Punk Punk


"Yes. This is the my favorite band – maybe of all time. I love this band."

Chasing Destino


"A powerhouse of raw, uninhibited rock with the swagger to back it up."
WSGE 91.7 North Carolina


"3 reasons you should see j and the 9s live: 1. You'll hear rad rock n' roll flute solos. 2. Beatz truly beats up the drums.   

3. The crowd becomes a part of the show."

Adam's World 


"j9 is not just a musician but a true performance artist."

Bushwick Buzz


"They are on their way to taking over the globe with their heavy and raw sound."
Ethos Live 


“Not since Alanis Morrisette’s “You Oughta Know” have I felt this much emotion gushing forth.”

The Big Mouth 

“j9 is a model front woman setting the bar for entertainers coming down the pike: brimming with talent and an engaging effervescent personality, she and Beatz are what's fun about seeing great rock n 'roll bands on their upward trajectory.”

Rock Underground


“Loud, fuzzed out in-your-face punk rock and catchy riffs; love it.”

Ink in Stereo


"You can find info/video/music/pics on the interwebs, but none of it will prepare you for what you are in for when you seem them live. Wow. The best kind of Wow.”




Screamer Guitarist




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