j and the 9s story is a New York version of Romeo and Juliet. A hockey playing half Puerto Rican Catholic boy from Brooklyn and musical theatre loving Jewish Italian girl from Staten Island meet playing in rival bands in the New York City rock scene. Three years and a million wild stories later, we are left with j9 (Jeanine), and Beatz (Chris), a two-piece band that plays a high energy combination of hard rock and punk with plenty of glam, glitter, and a flute.  

Chris went to the legendary Gramercy Theatre in NYC to see the band play and watched screaming in the front row. After the show, he bought a t-shirt and Jeanine suggested that he cut the shirt up. Like any polite Puerto Rican guy he pulled out his handy knife and cut the shirt up, took his own off, and put on the newly distressed merch. He claims the site of his six-pack did the trick, she claims it was his rugged sense of style. Either way, their first date was after the show at The Lyric Diner, of course.

As you might imagine both Jeanine and Chris were inspired in very different ways by very different parents. Jeanine grew up with very supportive parents. Her father was a mechanical engineer and inventor while her mother was an executive assistant at a huge accounting firm. Growing up her days were filled with music, dance, and acting lessons along with trips to museums, Broadway plays, and classical concerts. At the same time, Chris' family had him working with his father’s chimney cleaning company during the summer and pee-wee hockey on the weekends, but his detective mother was hoping that he would follow her and continue her badge number. Whenever he was at his grandmother’s house he would sneak into the basement and beat on his uncle’s drum set. However, when she offered to buy him a set of his own his parents wouldn’t allow it. So, Chris used his weekend and summer sweeping money to buy his own.

j and the 9s are always on the road in their wildly colorful painted rv. They typically perform between 100-150 shows a year. They have performed at Summerfest, along with multiple Warped Tours and SXSW festival dates, but their travels don't stop at the border. This band has taken the stage at festivals as far away as The Lancaster Music Fest in the U.K., The Zandari Fest in Seoul, Korea, and The V-Rox Fest in Vladivostok, Russia. j9 and Beatz along with their cats Max and Ruby, and dog Rusty, have traveled the globe putting on their amazing shows for thousands of old fans and capturing new ones along the way.


Currently residing in Long Beach, CA with new music and a newborn in tow, they are not only embarking on a new musical journey, but a new journey as parents as well. They are excited of what the future will bring!


j9: vox, flute, guitar



We have new music out!! We have just released the 2nd of 3 singles we recorded with Billy Smiley (White Heart) and Dale Penner (Nickelback) via Cul De Sac Records. The 3rd will be released on Friday Oct. 2nd. Starting in Nov., we will be releasing music videos for each! 


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"Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


-j9 and Beatz

Beatz: drums, programming